Jim Garrison Poster


Jim Garrison is so far the only one to hold a trial in relation to the murder of USA president John F. Kennedy in 1963. Jim Garrison was at the time a very skilled district attorney of New Orleans. Three years later, he has a conversation with a governor, which arose his suspicion of the whole affair, mainly the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald could hardly have been the lone assassin. Links from Oswald lead to offices in New Orleans. Garrison's investigations ended with the trial against Clay Shaw in 1967. Shaw was acquitted, but the evidence against him presented by Jim Garrison trembled USA, and triggered a discussion about the assassin of Kennedy which is still at its peak now, 30 years later. The focus of Garrison's evidence was to prove there was a conspiracy against JFK, and that the investigations conducted by The Warren Commission were totally mistargeted. This Mr. Garrisson did to the extreme. An investigation in 1979 found that "there may well have been more than one assassin". Jim Garrison is now retired. He appears very briefly in the film "JFK" (about his own investigations), as leader of the official investigation team, Earl Warren. Kevin Costner plays Jim Garrison in the Oscar Winner.