Trivia (5)

Had been dating Mojo before her start in adult films in 2000. She ended her relationship with him in November 2001, even after he proposed to her. They continued to appear in adult films together, but only on a professional basis.

The true color of her hair is brown, which she had in all her films in 2000. During the summer of 2001, she began dying her hair blonde.

Was a guest on "Howard Stern" (1994) on July 24, 1998, her 18th birthday.

She almost died of alcohol poisoning in an Arkansas strip club in April of 2005. Her blood alcohol level was reported at being 0.4--far above .08, which is legally considered as being intoxicated.

Tattoos: Large sun with "M" in center on small of back; Back of neck; Red and blue moon with stars on top of right foot; Swirly design and "Hebrews 4:12" on inner right wrist.