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From 1923 she appeared regularly in German movie productions like "Gräfin Mariza" (1925).

The sound film era couldn't offer her further roles and after "Der tolle Bomberg" (1932), she retired from the film business.

The actress Vivian Gibson began her film career in England.

About her private life is only known that she was never married .

The former silent movie star Vivian Gibson died - forgotten by the public - on May 9, 1981, in Vienna .

After her film career Vivian Gibson went to Vienna and wrote books under the name " Vini Gibson " and " Elisabeth Holt ".

Vivian Gibson received in London, a classical dance training and was already from an early age as a dancer on the stage.

The German show stages impresario Rudolf Nelson (1878-1960) took Vivian Gibson as a 24 -year-old to Berlin .