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Played Isabelle Huppert's mother in two films: Docteur Françoise Gailland (1976) and The Piano Teacher (2001).

Married Renato Salvatori after working with him on the set of the Rocco and His Brothers (1960). The couple later separated, but never divorced.

Head of jury at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1992

Revealed that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2003 (21 September 2006).

Mother of Giulia Salvatori.

Her autobiography "Vivre d'aimer" was published in 1989.

Graduated from the Conservatoire de la rue blanche (1954).

She has been living in a Parisian medical house (along with her older brother Jean, also diagnosed with Alzheimer), since mid 2007. During the Summer of 2010, the press revealed that she has now lost all her memories because of Alzheimer disease, and doesn't show any streaks of lucidity anymore as she did until 2009.

She was the highest paid actress in France throughout the 1970's, and was nicknamed "La Girardot" by the press due to the fact that her name alone could guarantee the success of a film.

Grandmother of actor Renato Salvatori and actress Lola Vogel.

Actor Philippe Noiret on Annie Giradot in a 1983 interview "Annie is the easiest person imaginable to work with, but just now she is not doing so very well because she made a lot of bad films, and I think she has some problems finding good scripts. I think the best way she could come back would be to find a role in a good play. She was not very clever in some career choices she made in the last period, and she is this certain kind of woman, aways ready to do anything to help anyone. She will come back because she is an extraordinary actress. I like her very much.".