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  • Jim had five children of his own, and by nature was extremely playful. He related well to children because he could access that part of himself. The fascinating thing was that while he functioned as an astute businessman, he could integrate play into the process. I now have children of my own, and have come to believe that we are all born perfect - well, maybe not absolutely perfect, but certainly completely without evil. As a parent, one of my goals is to see whether I can raise my children to survive in the world without losing that childlike innocence, trust, optimism, curiosity, and decency. I am certain it is possible because Jim was the living embodiment of it.
  • On Muppets head writer, Jerry Juhl: "There's a philosophy I think Jim [Henson] started out with - that people are basically good, life is to be enjoyed, take care of other people, there's enough for everybody - and Jerry [Juhl] was absolutely in sync with that."