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Viennese leading actress of the 1930's and 40's, daughter of a master locksmith. She was primarily a star of the theatre, trained at Vienna's Academy of Music and Performing Arts. On stage from the age of four, she acted in dramatic roles (including Ibsen, Shakespeare and Goethe), as well as in operetta and musical comedy. She had long residencies at the Prussian State Theatre in Berlin (1934-44) and with the Vienna Burgtheater (from 1947). Her best-known screen role was as Alkmene in Amphitryon (1935).

Gold's stage career prevented her from appearing in many movies.

Käthe Gold went to Zurich in 1944 and continued her theater career, three years later she went to Vienna at the Burgtheater. In Vienna she was able to go on from her great stage successes in the 30's and acted there for many years.

On TV she played Linda opposite Heinz Rühmann in a 1968 German language version of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.

Käthe Gold was the bearer of the Reinhardt ring besides other awards.