Trivia (10)

Mother of an only child, a daughter named Decimar (b. December 24th 1934). The father is Ademar Martins.

Daughter of Margarida and Manoel Gonçalves Costa.

She had 6 siblings.

She has two grandchildren.

Lived with her husband, Danilo Bastos (a journalist), for twenty years.

In 1991, she caused a sensation by going topless on a Carnival float. She was 84 at the time.

Her last interview was for the reporter Danilo Gentili for the TV program 'Custe o Que Custar' (Brazilian version of CQC), 5 days before she died.

Currently doing her own TV Show "Fala, Dercy!" every Tuesday night at Brazilian SBT TV Station.

Still active at Globo TV in Brazil.

She was one of a few famous personalities in Brazil (like Oscar Niemeyer and Barbosa Lima Sobinho) to have reached 100 years-old of age.