Jetta Goudal Poster

Quotes (7)

  • I am a perfectionist. Whether play or picture, while I'm in it I must give 100%. If my performance is not right, I would suffer more than anyone.
  • I don't like being called a silent star. I was never silent.
  • I am a stubborn girl. In another life I would have been a donkey. I can be driven just so far.
  • On Mr. DeMille's request, I went to see the great Barrymore, and reported back truthfully that I found him greasy and smelly (alcohol!) and I preferred to remain with DeMille, which pleased him no end. Dolores Costello in the end played Manon and became Mrs. John Barrymore. Such is fate! I might never have become Mrs. Grieve, although I doubt I ever would have become Mrs. Barrymore.
  • [on her alleged temperamentality] I came here as a foreigner: I had not been married or divorced: there was no scandal attached to my name. They had to say something about me, so the publicity departments wrote stories of their own fantasy and called me temperamental and hard to handle. They ended up believing their own creations.
  • I love comedy, but I do not play slapstick.
  • I never, NEVER walked off the set of "The Volga Boatman" or of any other film in which I was cast.