Jetta Goudal Poster

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Her 1927 lawsuit against Cecil B. DeMille set a precedent in establishing a star's rights. She did remain friendly with DeMille even after her victory. In later years she became active in Actors Equity's fight for the unionization of film actors. She became known as the "Joan of Arc of Equity."

Daughter of Mozes Goudeket (1860-1942), a wealthy, orthodox Jewish diamond cutter in the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam, and Geertruida Warradijn (1866-1920).

Jetta's unusual given name is likely a simplified spelling of her childhood nickname of Jetje. It is pronounced ZHET-eh with the ZH pronounced like the "s" in the word pleasure.

Although she was born in Holland, during her lifetime it was frequently claimed incorrectly that she was French or French-Canadian.