Chain NYC Film Festival

NYC Chain Film Festival Award [Winner] (2016)

Best Supporting Actor

Turnabout (2016)

Film Independent Spirit Awards

Independent Spirit Award [Nominee] (1993)

Best Male Lead

Laws of Gravity (1992)

New Jersey Web Festival

Jury Award [Nominee] (2019)

Best Actor in a Thriller

Season 2, Episode 1 - "Prologue: Time Destroys ... More

Season 2, Episode 1 - "Prologue: Time Destroys Everything"

The Jersey Connection (2018)

New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

Feature Film Award [Winner] (2003)

Best Actor

Under the Influence (2002)

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, US

Best Feature Film [Winner] (2016)

Best Film Award

Turnabout (2016)

Phoenix Film Festival

Copper Wing Award [Winner] (2002)

Best Ensemble Acting

Dead Dogs Lie (2001)

Taormina International Film Festival

Best Actor [Winner] (1994)

Clean, Shaven (1993)