Peter Greene Poster

Trivia (8)

Began acting at age 25 in NYC.

Dropped out of Montclair High School in New Jersey.

Has two younger siblings: a brother, John, and a sister, Mary Anne.

During filming on The Usual Suspects (1995), Greene improvised a memorable cinematic moment by flicking a lit cigarette into Stephen Baldwin's face. This later prompted Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie to call Greene a "million-dollar day player.".

He had a well publicized battle with heroin that was well covered in a several page spread entitled "Career High" for Premiere Magazine in 1998. He has since fully recovered from his near fatal addiction.

Hollywood, California [May 2003]

New York, NY [January 2010]

In Pulp Fiction (1994), he said "get the gimp" in reference to the man in the leather mask in the pawnshop. In _The Usual Suspects_, he called "Verbal" (Kevin Spacey) a gimp.