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She regularly writes for The Los Angeles Times Magazine, and has also written for All Things Considered, Los Angeles Magazine, Glamour and Child.

Graduate of New York University

Wrote an article for Los Angeles Magazine titled "Getting in Touch With Your Inner Bimbo."

Graduated Miami Beach High School, 1980

Her son has a condition known as VACTERL Association, a condition that appears in approximately 1 in every 250,000 births. She has written articles about her son living with VACTERL Association, one of them being published in "Child Magazine".

At Miami Beach Senior High School took acting classes with the legendary South Florida drama teacher Jay W. Jensen.

Author of "Fired, Tales of the Canned, Cancelled, Downsized and Dismissed" published in 2006 by Simon and Schuster.

Contributing writer and commentator on the NPR Show "Day to Day".

Featured in the Los Angeles Times Top Ten Performances of the Year in Theatre 2001.

Featured in the New York Times Top Ten Performances of the Year in Theatre 2002.

Gave birth to her 1st child, a son Ezra Kahn, with her husband Jeff Kahn. [1998]

Hosts Dinner and a Movie Friday nights on TBS [1997]

Wrote book "Fired! Tales of the Canned, Downsized & Dismissed" [March 2007]

Co-wrote and published a humorous memoir about marriage with her husband titled "You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story". [February 2010]

Gurwitch's I See You Made an Effort was a Finalist for The Thurber Prize for American Humor Writing in the historic year when all three nominees were female, for the first time in the Prize's history.

Gurwitch contributes to Shouts and Murmurs for the New Yorker.

Annabelle Gurwitch frequently writes about the entertainment industry for The Hollywood Reporter.

As of 2019, Gurwitch is the author of four books, including a New York Times Bestseller, and finalist Thurber Prize for American Humor Writing. She has adapted her books for NBC, FX Network, Lifetime. Her latest book has been optioned by David Janollari and NBC.

Gurwitch is actively involved in environmental causes. She's hosted events for The National Wildlife Federation, As You Sow, Sustainable South Bronx, and Keep America Beautiful.

Gurwitch identifies as a secular Jewish atheist. She frequently writes about atheism and humanism, appearing at the Reason Rally on the Washington Mall with Bill Nye and Penn Gillette, and interviewed Richard Dawkins on his North American tour in 2017.