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Stand up comedian.

Currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Attended the University of Virginia.

Twin daughters, Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey (born in 1982), a son, Broderick, Jr. (born in 1991) with his first wife, Marcia Harvey. A son, Wynton Harvey (born on Friday, July 18th, 1997) with his second wife, Mary Lee Shackleford.

Received the 2,497th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame [October 4, 2013].

His real name is Broderick Steve Harvey, and he was named after actor Broderick Crawford.

He and his fellow The Original Kings of Comedy (2000) comic/friend D.L. Hughley share the distinction of having a cast member from The Jeffersons (1975) make guest appearances on their self-titled sitcoms: Isabel Sanford played Steve Harvey's mother, and Marla Gibbs played D.L. Hughley's mother.

Step-father, with Marjorie Harvey, of Lori Harvey.

Friends with Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Guy Torry, George Lopez, Mike Epps, David Alan Grier, Tim Allen, Margaret Cho, Phil McGraw, Brian McKnight, Magic Johnson, Chris Tucker, Sinbad, Anthony Anderson, Kym Whitley, Louie Anderson, Sheryl Underwood, Tyra Banks, Trey Songz, Holly Robinson Peete, Morris Chestnut, Hill Harper, Martin Lawrence, Drew Carey, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Father-in-law of Ben Raymond.

Performed his final stand-up act at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.[August 2, 2012].

Sued by his ex-wife, Mary L. Vaughn for $60 million, claiming that during their marriage, she was allegedly subjected to "prolonged torture with the infliction of severe mental pain and suffering."[May 2017].

Diehard Cleveland Browns fan.

He starred on 2 sitcoms, one of which was short-lived entitled "Me and The Boys" & his self-titled sitcom "The Steve Harvey Show".

Father Jesse was a coal miner, his mother Eloise was a Sunday school teacher.

Dropped out of college and became an insurance salesman.

All 3 of his wives have names that start with "Mar". His first wife was Marcia, his second wife was Mary, and his current wife is Marjorie.

Despite good ratings, his show The Steve Harvey Show (1996) was canceled. Harvey was ready to move on and pursue new challenges. At the request of The WB Network, he agreed to return for a shortened final season of 13 episodes. The last season of The Steve Harvey Show ended up scoring higher ratings than the previous two, a rarity for a long-running series.

Didn't start performing until he was 28.

Best known by the public for his starring role on The Steve Harvey Show (1996) and as the sixth host of Family Feud (1999).

Friends with Drew Carey. Like Harvey, Carey is also a Cleveland native.

Was once homeless.

When Harvey was just a little boy, his entire family had moved to Cleveland, Ohio, growing up on a farm, where they grew their own food and survived on a small income.

Was a fan of the original Family Feud (1976) that was hosted by Richard Dawson. In an interview, they asked him how he was going to host the show and he said he was going to 'take it back to the days of Dawson' by making fun of the contestants answers. He also said he wouldn't be kissing a contestant because "that was Richard's thing." Consequently, he didn't have to be taught every description of the game after Dawson retired.