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Father of Gibby Haynes, lead singer for the Butthole Surfers.

For many years, he has portrayed Dallas children's TV host Mr. Peppermint.

Most famous for his role as Mr. Peppermint on WFAA-TV Dallas. Was competing for the kids attention with KDTV-TV's (Now KXTX-TV) Bozo The Clown and KFJZ-TV's (Now KTVT-TV) Bill Camfield (Slam Bang Theater's Icky Twerp). He was the last surviving local kids show host of Dallas broadcasting.

Mr. Peppermint (Later Peppermint Place) premiered on 6 March 1961. Haynes hung up his hat and cane on 1 July 1996. Peppermint Place would become the longest running local TV kids program with over 6,000 episodes produced.

Passed away 20 years to the week since his rival Bill Camfield (Slam Bang Theater's Icky Twerp) died. Also 20 years to the same week of WBAP-TV (Now KXAS-TV) first weatherman Harrold Taft. All three were local legends.

When being interviewed about his son Gibby's band The Butthole Surfers, he did not like to say the name. Although he was supportive of the band, he would refer to it as "The Buffalo Surfers".

One of his Mr. Peppermint suits, hat and cane is in the Dallas Museum of Communications.

22 November 1963: Jerry Haynes and his program director Jay Watson were on lunch together watching the JFK motorcade pass down Main Street. Less than a minute later they heard shots as the motorcade turned down Elm Street. The men quickly located and interviewed eyewitnesses. Haynes was the first person interviewed giving his account on WFAA-TV. He continued to work in the background to help with the live broadcast after Kennedy's assassination was announced on live TV.

Haynes did many things for WFAA-TV including "Dallas Bandstand". (He also had filled in for Dick Clark on American Bandstand). He was also a DJ at sister station WFAA-AM. He also had another interview show called "The Jerry Haynes Show".

Was a spokesperson for Fritos Corn Chips. They sponsored Peppermint Place in the 1960's.

Although he made many local appearances as his Mr. Peppermint persona, he regularly appeared in the Red River, New Mexico, Fourth of July parade in a peppermint-colored Jeep.

He also appeared (via archival footage)in four different documentaries based on the Kennedy assassination.

Studied drama at SMU along with later legendary producer Arron Spelling.

After doing a farewell special in 1996, he retired from Peppermint Place.

Despite competing with CBS' Captain Kangaroo in its last half hour of broadcast, Jerry Haynes as Mr. Peppermint continued to beat it in the local ratings.

Jerry Haynes' alter ego Mr. Peppermint was supposed to be a proprietor of a music store. He got the idea from the movie The Music Man for the costume. There was also a director at WFAA-TV that had a thing for passing out peppermints. Although he had the costume idea he still needed a name. While sitting in his car at the intersection of Garland Rd and Buckner Blvd in the Dallas suburb of Casa Linda, he remembered the director and thought of him as Mr. Peppermint. And the name was born.

His theme song was "High Time" by Henri Mancini.

The FCC had contacted WFAA-TV's General Manager Mike Shapiro and announced that stations must carry a certain amount of hours of children specific programing. This is the reason Mr. Peppermint was created.

Children in his audience were known as "Gumdrops". Of the most famous Gumdrops that lived in Dallas and appeared on his show was a very young Morgan Fairchild.

Also appeared in a comedy produced for WFAA-TV in 1987 called Ninja Box Office. The show had comedy skits and musical guests. He played the lead characters late family member "Uncle Numchuckles". He would appear giving his nephew directions in life veiled in incense.