Victor Heerman was one of four brothers. His mother was a theatrical costumer. His father abandoned the family, and his mother moved the family to New York from London around the turn of the century to take a job as David Belasco's head costumer. Heerman moved to Los Angeles in 1911 to get into the movie business. He worked for Mack Sennett, among others, writing and directing two-reelers. While working for Douglas Fairbanks on a location shoot in Arizona, he met Sarah Y. Mason, one of 11 children of a railroad employee. She wanted to join the production as an actress, but although quite beautiful, she couldn't act--even though this was in the silent era. She did come to Hollywood as a kind of script girl/production assistant. Heerman and Mason were soon married and had two children, Catherine (born 2/5/22) (godparents Mary Pickford and Fairbanks) and Victor Heerman Jr. Heerman and Mason worked as a writing team (winning an Oscar for best screenplay adaptation for Little Women (1933)). Heerman was also active as a director (Animal Crackers (1930)).