Annette Heinz was born on April 25, 1953 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father was a military policeman during World War II and worked as a carpenter for the company Ficks Reed while her mother was a tailor prior to Heinz's birth. Moreover, both of Annette's parents were born in Kentucky and met in Cincinnati. Heinz took college prep classes in high school before quitting in the 11th grade. Annette went on to attend Cosmetology School; while waiting on her license she saw an ad for dancers in the Sunday paper. After answering said ad, Heinz began her career in the adult entertainment industry as a go-go dancer for Larry Flynt in 1970.

After working a while for Flynt, Annette discovered that Newport, Kentucky paid more and carved out a niche for herself as a burlesque dancer and performer. During this time Heinz bought snakes for her Cleopatra act, a wardrobe that cost over $100,000 dollars, a van, and a super trooper spotlight as well as had her own roadie as she went on the road performing various fantasy-related shows that included Circe, a French maid, and even a pyro act. Following two years on the road, Annette decided to settle down at the famous strip club The Melody Burlesk at 48th and Broadway in New York City. Heinz worked at The Melody Burlesk for about ten years. After meeting Gerard Damiano in the audience, Heinz subsequently embarked on a career in adult films that encompassed twenty-two movies and eight videos during the Golden Age of Porn. Annette was a character actress in films for John Christopher and was nominated for a XRCO Award for Best Supporting Performance, Female for the film Public Affairs (1983).

After calling it a day as an adult film actress, Heinz went on to attend Cincinnati State so she could become a certified chef. Annette graduated cum laude from Cincinnati State in 1995 with A.A. degrees in Culinary Arts and Hotel Restaurant Management. Moreover, Heinz apprenticed under world Master Chef Jim Kinsella and studied under the expert tutelage of James Wyatt, who cooked for the Queen of England. The love of Heinz's life was a man named James Seward, a painter and construction worker who sadly died in 1995. Annette adores Chihuahuas and resides in Newport, Kentucky.