Herlihy was a (non-buffoon) equivalent of Ed McMahon on "The Tonight Show" before Johnny Carson came along in 1962, bringing McMahon with him. Before there was Carson, Herlihy was the announcer during 'Jack Paar's tenure as Tonight Show host, having replaced Hugh Downs when the latter went over to host NBC's "Today" A handsome man, the mellifluous-voiced Herlihy had earlier worked on Perry Como's broadcasts, known originally as "The Chesterfield Supper Club." He had also provided commentary for Universal newsreels during the 1940's and was a major radio announcer during the 1930's and 1940's. And for almost 40 years beginning in 1947, he was a most pleasant-meined TV spokesman for the US cheesemaker Kraft Foods. (A brother, Walter Herlihy, was also a TV announcer in the early days.)