Nico grew up in a home where addictions, the occult, violence, betrayals, physical and mental abuse were normal. He began drinking at an early age to numb the pain and fill the hole in his heart, spirit and soul. He went on to become one of the pioneers of cage fighting, and fought in Russia and Brazil. He then went into acting and acted in over 30 action movies. As his fame and finances grew his addiction to alcohol, became an addiction to pornography, sex, adrenaline, power, and drugs lasting roughly 15 years. Because of a bad lifestyle he had dropped down to 130 pounds, stuttered as he tried to speak while his hands shook uncontrollably.

After this, Nico found relief in religion and became a better person, but also a spokesperson for others that society had deemed unreachable. He has spoken in men's homes, prisons, detentions centers, churches of all denominations across the country, revivals, schools, TV and radio. He and his ministry partner Holly were both chosen because of their incredible testimonies over coming the odds through faith.