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Trivia (4)

Was in a Levi's commercial in the early '90s, which got nominated for a CLIO award.

At the 30th anniversary of Hot Dog... The Movie (1984), his co-star Frank Koppala recalled how he had teased Patrick, "because he couldn't even stand on skis without wobblin' around. They brought him up there a week early to give him lessons, but he never looked comfortable. So you never had to worry about him skiing because he couldn't do it anyway.".

He was the star of Hot Dog... The Movie (1984), and he was an enthusiastic participant at a rowdy 20th reunion in 2004 (it ended just like the movie, with him on fans' shoulders, spraying beer), but he skipped the 30th anniversary in 2014, and nobody knew where to find him.

The handsome, blond-haired actor starred in two early 1980's sex comedies, Hot Dog: The Movie and Weekend Pass. Both were ensemble comedies: David Naughton played his promoter in Hot Dog: The Movie while he was one of four Navy guys on leave in Weekend Pass.