Quotes (2)

  • [interview in HEVG in May 1986, regarding anal sex on screen] It felt horrible. I can't believe people do that . . . There are so many companies that won't use you unless you do anal . . . People out there seem to like it, but I don't think it was meant to be. If it was wet like a pussy, it'd be great because it's so tight. But it doesn't lube . . . To do it, you have to be totally douched out--if you want everyone to stay clean. It's not a fun place to go.
  • [Interviw in HEVG, May 1986] If there weren't the diseases, I'd be fucking everyone. Like back in the '60s, where everyone just met someone and it was like, "Let's go fuck." The other lows are people with closed minds about the business. I've lived a good life . . . Then to get this stigma . . . "You're just a stupid ho" . . . The bimbo thing bugs me.