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Famous humorist in Spain, part of a trio known as 'Las hermanas Hurtado' ('The Hurtado sisters')

In 1993, she was accidentally shot in the face while walking her dog. She was carrying her dog, a little Yorkshire named Chico, in her arms near her chest, when a policeman's shotgun fell off his hands and accidentally pushed the trigger while trying to catch it. The shotgun did not have the safety lock activated and two bullets were shot, aimed right at her. One bullet hit her in the face and the other one would have hit her in her chest right in her heart, but Chico was covering her, saving her from dying, but dying itself in the process. She needed several surgeries and months of recovery and as a consequence of one of the bullets hitting her facial nerve, part of her lips went slightly paralyzed forever and she suffered periodic nose hemorrhages. She later received a compensation from the Spanish Government of more than 40 million pesetas (240,000 euros) for the accident and the policeman was sanctioned for not having the safety lock of the shotgun activated and also for not carrying the first load with blanks. Even though she would do some acting roles afterwards, her career was never fully recovered, and she retired from public life a few years later.

Daughter of actress Mary Carrillo and actor Diego Hurtado.