Trivia (9)

Had a huge single hit in Germany during the Sixties with a song called "Ich will 'nen Cowboy als Mann" (I want a cowboy for my husband).

The Danish singer appeared in more than 300 TV shows (incl. some personality shows) since the late 50s in several European countries (most in Germany and Denmark).

Has been on tour (Gitte Wencke Siw) together with Norwegian Wenche Myhre and Swedish Siw Malmkvist since 2004. Wencke sang the Norwegian version of her number 1 hit "Ich will 'nen Cowboy als Mann".

After living together with director Pit Weyrich in the 1980s, she has been longtime companion of musical producer Friedrich Kurz.

Dedicated her jazz album "Johannson" to her father, who died in spring 2004.

At the age of eight, she made her debut on Danish television together with her father Otto F. Hænning.

In the early 1980s, she changed her image and sang more serious songs such as "Freu dich bloß nicht zu früh", the German version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Take that look of your Face", or "Ich will alles" (I want everything), making her an icon of emancipation in Germany.

Although being a successful singer of popular music, her true passion has always been singing jazz.

Is fluent in Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, English and Dutch.