Alex Ibarra was born in Mexico City, Mexico on April the 28th 1973. Son of acclaimed actress Julissa and rocker Benny Ibarra, grandson of Luis de Llano Palmer (a pioneer in Mexican TV) and Rita Macedo (a diva of Mexican film), Alex was born in the middle of the artistic scene. His debut performance was in the theater play "La Casa de Te de la Luna de Agosto" beside his mother in 1979. He then appeared in the Mexican version of Sesame Street in 1981. After that he stared in multiple Mexican soap operas such as Tal como somos (1987), Alcanzar una estrella (1990), Buscando el paraíso (1993), Agujetas de color de rosa (1994), Marisol (1996) and _"Noveno mandamiento, El" (2000)_.

He has produced 2 records with Sony and recentry appeared in Big Brother VIP: México (2002). His most important work has been in theater. He has appeared in many musicals such as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Grease", "Godspell", "Los Tenis Rojos", "Blood Brothers", "Una Pareja con Angel" and "Celos Dije". The last version of Grease he appeared in was also directed by him. Alex is also the brother of Benny, a renowned Mexican singer and composer.