Trivia (4)

Itami was attacked by Yakuza (the Japanese mob) in 1992 due to the release of Minbô no onna (1992), which portrayed Yakuza in a bad light. He was slashed around the face and neck and was hospitalized.

Flash, a Japanese tabloid, alleged that Itami was having an affair. Itami left a note denying the affair and jumped from the roof of the eight-story building where he had his office.

Son of Mansaku Itami.

Had a famous brother-in-law, Nobel Laureate Kenzaburô Oe, who was married to Itami's sister Yukari. Mr Oe mentions his brother-in-law affectionately in his essay collection titled A Healing Family (Kaifuku suru kazoku; 1995). In one section, there is even a discussion between the two on what Itami called the "grammar" of American films.