Jagathy Sreekumar Poster

Trivia (6)

Given the prestigious Bhadoor Award for his contributions to the Malayalam film industry.

He is the most famous comedy actor ever to grace Malayalam cinema. He has starred in over 1000 Malayalam films and is still going strong.

Son of noted dramatist and writer N. K. Achary.

Has two children: Rajkumar and Parvathi (Lakshmi).

Won the State Award for Second Best Actor in 2002 for Nizhalkkuthu (2002) and Meesha Madhavan (2002), and for Second Best Actor in 1991 for _Apoorvam Silar (1991)_ and _Kilukkam (1988)_.

On 10 March 2012, he was seriously injured in a road accident. After multiple surgeries, he is gradually recovering.