Trivia (6)

She was cast as Morgan in Doctor Who: Colony in Space: Episode Two (1971) but the Head of Serials at the BBC, Ronald Marsh, vetoed this casting, thinking that an actress playing a tough security guard would be thought of as too kinky for a family show. Tony Caunter replaced her but Jameson, having been properly contracted to play the part, was paid in full.

She has two children. In 1960, she gave birth to an illegitimate son, named Mark. The father of her son has never been identified, but he is apparently a well-known actor, with whom Jameson had a very brief 'relationship'. Jameson had her son adopted. His name was changed to Nigel, and many years later, he tried to establish contact with his biological mother. She met him once, but resisted further contact, writing, 'I have no sense of being your mother.' In addition, Jameson has a daughter, Lucy, born in 1977.

While being married to James Bolam in real life in the television series 'New Tricks', in which they both appeared, she played the wife of Brian Lane played by Alun Armstrong.

Daughter Lucy born 1976 with James Bolam.

Lives in Fulham with James Bolam. They have a daughter born 6 October 1977.

Used to be a part owner of a race horse Predo's Daughter which won 13 races over the jumps.