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Trivia (6)

In the 1980s, Ken Jenkins played Frank Hall, a math teacher in the 15-part G.E.D. "Adult Math" telecourse.

Father of actor Daniel Jenkins plus Matthew and Joshua.

His dog Baxter, in Scrubs (2001), is his real life dog.

Jenkins' wife, Katharine Houghton is the niece of Katharine Hepburn.

Uncle of Schuyler Grant.

Ken was supposed to play the Mayor in Michael Jackson's Ghost (1996). The short movie called at the time Is It Scary was due to be release in 1993 for a special featuring for the movie The Adams family. Ken Jenkins and Michael Jackson filmed the video for two weeks before it was canceled in November 1993 due to Michael Jackson allegations. The footage, with Ken in it, is known to exist but has never been shown to the public.