Pauline Johnson Poster


Pauline Johnson was born Kate Johnson on 3rd November 1899 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. She was the third youngest of nine children born to Richard and Catherine Johnson (nee Miller). Her Grandfather, Father and Uncle were all gun makers and her father was known by his family to have worked for Hardy's in Alnwick, the world renowned fishing tackle and gun making company. In the 1901 census her father is also shown is shown as a fishing rod maker. Two of her sisters, Nora and Nellie, also worked for Hardys, one as a fly tier and one as a split cane rod binder Known by her friends and family as Kitty, Kate adopted the stage name of Pauline Johnson. Two of her older sisters Isabell and Lilian were dancers, dancing in France and at the Windmill in London. In her earlier days Pauline danced with them sometimes. In the late 20's she lived for a time at 62,Delaware Mansions, Maida Vale, London and later at 135,The Grove , Ealing, London. Pauline made 20 silent films between 1920 and 1929. Her most famous was "The Flying Scotsman" which is now available on DVD in which a very young Ray Milland also featured. There was a late movie "Goodwin Sands" attributed to her in Stage Magazine but she is not credited in the movie credits.

Pauline married for the first time on 16th October 1930 at Paddington Register Office to John (Jack) Wardley Harris. Jack Harris had been an Australian speedway ace and was the Speedway team manager traveling to the UK and South America with his team. Pauline married as Pauline Kate Johnson knocking a couple of years off her age to make her the same age as Jack. After they were married they lived in Melbourne for a time but Pauline suffered badly with asthma and found that the Australian climate was very bad for her condition. She returned to England to live. She made no more movies after her marriage and probably did not act again either due to ill-health or perhaps she had a Geordie or Northumbrian accent which did not translate well to the new talking films. Movies that have been credited to her after 1930 will have been to another actress of similar name.

In 1938 Pauline married for the second time , to Harold (Hal) Edward Seaman , age 43, ( born c.1894/5) , the son of Charles Edward Seaman, a clerk in holy orders. On the marriage certificate Pauline was shown as a 'spinster' and her father Richard was given as deceased ,'of independent means', and was not listed as a gun maker. The wedding was witnessed by Pauline's married sister Isabel LeJeune and Isabel Sharing, Kitty's niece. Hal was a Royal Naval Lieutenant Commander on HMS Pegasus berthed at Chatham. This was an aircraft carrier which had originally been named Ark Royal. Her first husband, Jack Harris, was still alive and no trace has been found yet of a divorce but Jack's Australian Army record shows his wife as Mary Harris indicating that he had re-married before the record date of 20th January 1941.

Pauline Kitty Johnson died as Pauline Kitty Seaman at The Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne, Dorsetshire on 13th February 1947. The death certificate states that the cause of death was 'morphine poisoning due to idiosyncrasy to morphine. At the time of her death she was living at "Downend", 9,Thornhill Road, Stalbridge, Dorset. After her funeral and cremation husband Hal brought the casket containing her ashes North to Alnwick where they were buried in Alnwick Cemetery . She left a total of: £509 4s 8d in her will.