Hans-Jörg Seeberger was born in Worms, Germany in 1943 and passed away in Mallorca, Spain on October 19, 2007. In his youth he was fascinated with Japanese culture. At the young age of 22 he left Germany to move to Japan. He began to earn a living as a German teacher. Shortly afterwards he began modeling and eventually acting in films there. While acting he met the then prolific actress Michiyo Yamada who would become his wife.

He often practiced martial arts until an unfortunate back injury forced him to retire from the sport. After the injury he then focused his energies on business. He went on to become one of the world's most renowned and respected German and international entrepreneurs amassing a realm of over 35 major brands including, Dugena, Junghans, Sioux, Joop, and Salamander among others with his holdings EganaGoldpfeil.