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Father of Eliska Nova.

His film Long Live the Republic (1965) ("Long Live the Republik") depicted the postwar expulsion of ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia in 1945.

His politial satire The Ear (1990) ("The Ear"), about the Czech secret police, was banned by the Communist government, but was later rereleased after its downfall in 1989.

He was part of the Czech wave of liberal filmmakers, in the 1960s, that included Milos Forman and Jirí Menzel.

Began as a cinematographer and director of documentaries.

During World War II & the German Occupation of Checkoslovakia, Kachyna was a teenager & like many his own age he had to work In a German Factory.

During the early 1960s, Kachyna met the Moravian writer Jan Prochazka and their long collaboration together produced many of the key films in Kachyna's oeuvre. - Peter Hames.

Karol Kachyna and Jan Prochazka's first film together, Hope (1963), was openly critical of Czechoslovakian society, being a story of a prostitute and an alcoholic, conditions which did not officially exist under communism. - Peter Hames.