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Trivia (18)

Father of Sarfaraz Khan.

He wrote dialogue for over 100 movies in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Younger son Shah Nawaz Khan has been a assistant director in the films Vaada, Humko Timse Pyaar Hain and Milenge Milenge. He is now set to become a actor In the film Nawabi Sharabi along side his father. (2014).

His eldest son Quddus Khan (Abdul Kuddus) is settled abroad in Ontario,Canada. He works as a security officer at the Toronto airport. Quddus was not interested in joining films. Quddus wife name is Suraiya Khan.

Wife's name is Azra. She produced the film Shama along side Kader Khan.

Grandson named Hamzaa is set to become a actor in a home production Nawabi Sharabi. He is the son of Sarfaraz Khan. Sarfaraz also has a daughter named Saima. Sarafaraz and wife Shahista Khan have now migrated to Mississauga,Ontario,Canada.

Nephew named Baitullah Khan.

As of 2016, he has never worked with Shah Rukh Khan and shared any scenes together. Although he had a cameo as one of the bidders in Oh Darling Yeh Hai India (1995) both were not exchanging dialogues or communicated with each other despite they were in one location.

Son Sarfaraz Khan is always mistaken with another actor named Sarfaraz Khan from the movie "Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh". This is because actors have the same exact name.

Kader Khan has three brothers Shams ur Rehman, Fazal Rehman and Habib ur Rehman. Kader Khan was the 4 th child. His siblings died before the age of 8 in Afghanistan. His parents decided to move to India because they felt the land of Afghanistan was unlucky for their children.

Wife Azra Khan produced the film Shama (1981).

Though Khan only wrote the dialogues of most of his films (over 100 at final tally), he was always part of the writing team, especially with Manmohan Desai's team of Prayag Raj, K.K.Shukla and K.B.Pathak. "No dialogue writer can pen his lines in isolation. A knowledge of the screenplay is absolutely essential," says Khan.

Kader Khan directed the drunk Amitabh band aid scene in Amar Akbar Anthony. He also directed the Sara Zamana song in Yaarana.

He grew up in a slum area of Bombay as a child. He was very poor. His parents divorced when he was 3 years old. His mother later remarried and moved into a better location at the suggestion of Kader Khan's paternal uncles. Kader Khan's real father was a maulvi and a professor.

Kader Khan's wife's brother is married to actress Zareen Khan's maternal aunt.

Starred in the shelved movie D.K.D. Films "Master Key"(1980) Starring Mahendra Sandhu,Nita Mehta, Shoma Anand,Kader Khan, Music by Manoj Bhatnagar, Directed by S.U. Saiyed.

Prior to becoming an actor, Khan was a Professor in the department of Civil Engineering at the Government Polytechnic in Mumbai.

Was posthumously bestowed with India's fourth highest civilian honour, Padma Shri, in 2019.