Tracey Birdsall Poster


Tracey Birdsall was born in Van Nuys, California, the youngest of three daughters born to Ronald Birdsall and Carol Birdsall (born Carol Stone). She was raised in Southern California and is primarily of British and European descent. Bert Lewis, the famous Walt Disney composer, was her great-grandfather.

Birdsall trained in dance, singing, and musical theater throughout her youth, which later led to her studying various acting techniques. She claims her real breakthrough in her training was when working with renowned acting coach Margie Haber, who taught her to simply create and be the character - no matter how excruciating.

Known for her meticulous preparation, Birdsall is recognized worldwide for her diverse and challenging roles and for working across genres. In the recently released and highly anticipated Science Fiction film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2017), Birdsall has garnered awards including the esteemed Female Action Performer of the Year Award at the highly regarded Action on Film Festival, Best Actress Jury Award from the West Coast Film Festival, Best Actress Jury Award from LATCA, and was the only American actress nominated for Best Actress at the 50th Annual WorldFest Houston 2017 - for her role as Sienna.

Birdsall can also be seen in the recently released comedy film in the title character Who's Jenna...? (2018), the up-coming science fiction film Evolution War, the up-coming time travel film The Time War, and the upcoming series Age of Darkness.