Fritz Kampers Poster

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Solidly-built Bavarian character actor, son of a hotel owner. In films from 1913, he was much in demand during the 1920's and 30's, often cast as robust or comic military types, or laconic, but good hearted rustics in mountaineering or 'Heimat' films. He was equally well-cast as workers, farm hands, minor officials or small-time crooks.

It was noted by the publication 'Neue Filmwoche' in 1948, that the busy Kampers in one single day acted in two movies, performed in two plays on stage, still managing to finish with an appearance in cabaret. Between 1918 and 1950 (the year of his death), he appeared in more than 260 films.

The actor Fritz Kampers took acting lessons by Richard Stury and in the first years he appeared mostly at smaller theaters in Germany and Switzerland.

In 1917 he became a cast member at the Volkstheater Munich.

Fritz Kampers became a state actor in 1939 and he appeared in a whole string of entertainment movies during World War II.

Between 1918 and 1950 he was involved in more than 260 films , which is every 17th film , which was produced in this period .

During World War I he was wounded and after that he took part at the front theater in Warsaw and Lodz.

For the time being he played normally crooks and scoundrels which formed his role appearance in the 20's.

Fritz Kampers was connected with funny fellows and humorous chaps and he got numerous parts, mostly support roles, in an almost unbelievable huge number of film productions.

Also the German post-war film offered Fritz Kampers smaller parts which he played till his death.