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Trivia (9)

On her biological/real father's side of her family, her grandmother was a Randolph; ancestors are William Randolph, Peyton Randolph and Edmund Randolph of the Randolph Family of Virginia.

Her biological father was killed by a drunk driver when she was a child.

Was Pre-Med in college studying to be a veterinarian. Very involved in animal rescue and holistic pet health.

Directed her first documentary on animal healer, Tina Hodge of Eagle Peak Sanctuary.

Rescues animals.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was her first movie audition.

Credits Martin Scorsese and Dean Devlin for becoming a producer.

CEO/Chairperson Big Screen Entertainment Group. [February 2006]

She produced along with Janet Wu, daughter of the late, great master of China cinema, Wu Tianming, a short prologue with Martin Scorsese, for the film SONG OF THE PHOENIX released in China in 2016.