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Was a successful model before joining films with Tarzan in 1985.

Retired from films in 1992 and is now settled in Melbourne, Australia.

Turned down roles in the films _Parampara_(1992) and _King Uncle_(1993) because at the time she had made up her mind to quit doing movies.

After filming _Humlaa_(1992), Katkar quit the film industry after her marriage to ace photographer and ad-filmmaker Shantanu Shorey.

Her two most famous films for which she is mostly remembered for are _Adventures of Tarzan_(1985) and _Hum_(1991).

Daughter of actress and costume designer Tina Katkar.

Her mother was a dancer ,junior artiste (extra) in films using her real name "Tina Misquitta" .Tina was a dancer in the 1950s and 1960s. She danced along Bollywood legend Edwina Lyons.After marriage Tina opted to use her martial name "Tina Katkar" for other films when she worked with her daughter.

Changed her name from "Nayantara Katkar" to " Kimi Katkar" for the silver screen.

Was engaged to actor Mohnish Behl.

Had a close relationship with actor Binju Ali (Mehmood's nephew).

Had a close relationship with Danny Denzongpa in 1988.

Was involved with Sanjay Dutt.

Starred in Kuku Khanna 's shelved film "Mahasangharsh"(1989). Starring Anil Kapoor,Jackie Shroff,Kimi Katkar.

Was involved with Hemant Birje during the making of Tarzan.

Kimi Katkar's father was a junior artiste supplier for films. Kimi did not ever meet her father. Urban legend of the film industry suggest that Kimi Katkar's father and Reena Roy's father were brothers. Reena Roy's father was a actor and part time junior artiste supplier.

Was offered the French film Black. She declined it and the role went to Kitu Gidwani.

Husband Shantanu Sheorey was previously married to actress Malvika Tiwari.

Starred in the shelved movie Mulaquat (1987).

Starred in the shelved film A.K.Film "Harjana" (1987). Starring Sumeet Saigal,Kimi Katkar,Kannan Kaushal.

Starred in the shelved film "Kiska Khel" (1984) Starring Mohnish Behl, Kimi Katkar, Directed by Rajiv Mehrotra.

Starred in the shelved film Bahry Films " Mardani"(1990) Starring Asif Sheikh, Kimi Katkar, Sonika Gill, Kiran Kumar, Music by Raam Laxman, Directed by Deepak Bahry.

Starred in the shelved movie Aum Films "Maha Yudh"(1989) Starring Kimi Katkar, Music by Naresh Sharma, Produced by Vinod Chhabbra, Raj V Chhabra, Directed by Irfaan Khan.