Shi Ke was born in Dangyang, Hubei Provice, China into an intellectual family as the youngest of 4 sisters. In 1981 she graduated from middle school and started to work as a self- employed labourer for 4 years. Because of her talented voice, friends persuaded her to try to get into a Music or Drama college. In 1985 the determinded young women took part in two entrance examinations held by the Wuhan Music Academy and the Central Drama academy of Beijing. Fortunately she was such a hit in the two contests (6000 young students took the test), that the two renowned colleges wanted to recruit her. (they recruit only 10 new students each year). In the end, she preferred the drama institute and then moved to Beijing. In 1989, after Graduation from Central Academy of Drama, Shi Ke quickly rose to national prominence in films such as Sha shou qing (A killer's love) and Yiao guen qing nian (Rock'n' Roll Youth) and became a teenage idol. Numerous starring roles in TV, including the award-winning Gua Ba Yin (Have a good time), and a reputation for tireless professionalism brought her further renown. She also distinguished herself as a standout singing talent in the Chinese 1990 Musical Richu (Sunrise), where her classically-trained voice won the multitalented performer ringing award. In 1991 Shi Ke got married to Chinese music producer Wang Xiau Ma. Her career almost crashed down in 1995 during some false accusation and Cultural Revolution-style political campaign against her. There was a controversal disput between the first privately financed stage play (Don't bother me after the divorce) and the Goverment owned Theatre troupe. The principal of the Theater troupe had to blame some innocent actors to distract from the greedness and own faults. They had to take the punishment. But Shi Ke steadfastly endured this year of nationwide media blackout. This incident made her even more famous than before and could not remove her stardom. She made several movies, TV plays, TV shows and outstanding performances in stage plays (probably one of the best stage players in China) and claimed to be one of the most famous celebrity in China. In the beginning of her career she was known as an exotic and beautiful actress, easily recognized by her special lips. Over 13 years of professionalism on the top level she even produced, directed and played a self-production of 1999 the American Off-Broadway, "Road to Nirvana". She married for the 2nd time to a Swiss national after divorcing in 1998. She always cared about other people. She did much charity work and helped young children and poor families. The Chinese government recognized her support over these years and awarded her for her effort. After staying in Switzerland for one year and giving birth to her first child, in 2002 she returned with her family to China to continue her career. Shi Ke image has changed. She is now recognized as a successful and powerful women, who achieved her stardom through hard work and honesty. She is loved by the audience because of her warm and sincere appearance. She is an inspiration for many women in China.