Colleen Brennan Poster

Quotes (5)

  • [on dating Jerry Maren] ...a very nice man and one of the last surviving OZ [The Wizard of Oz (1939)] Munchkins I met on some dreadful little-people-as-gangsters movie [Little Cigars (1973)]. We went out once, but I was young and couldn't handle even the idea of anybody going up on me.
  • [on "sexploitation" director Bethel Buckalew, with whom she worked several times in the 1970s] Buckalew was the perfect director. He was very even-tempered, mellow. I think he was good at editing in his head while he was shooting. These movies were so low budget raw stock was a major expense, so shooting efficiently was a valuable skill. He was also arguably the best looking director doing sexploitation in the '70s.
  • [on Henri Pachard] ...he was a genuinely nice guy. A horndog, but a funny, positive and respectful horndog.
  • [on John Leslie] John was monogamous in his private life. He was a truly handsome guy who women often described as a "gentleman". I don't remember hearing a single negative about him from the ladies.
  • [on the possibility of writing her autobiography] I haven't given much thought to writing a book but you know if Jerry Butler for Christ's sake can "write" a book--although I remain skeptical he can read one--maybe I should consider it.