Trivia (8)

Decided to quit the adult-film industry at the height of her career on October 31, 2001, because she became pregnant. She wanted to keep it to herself until she has the baby in the summer of 2002.

Her spouse, Skeeter Kerkove, has been her agent since her start in adult-films to the end.

Won the Best American Actress Award at the Venus Fair show in Berlin, Germany, October 20th 2002.

Returned to performing in the adult film industry in early 2002.But has cut back on making as many movies as she has done in the past.

Started making adult movies in January 1999.

Gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Kaylynn Ashley Kerkove, on July 21, 2002.

Son Carson Maverick Kerkove was born on 24 October 2004.

Also known as Bridgitte, Brigette Kerkove, Bridgette Kerkov, Bridget Kerkova, Brigette, Bridget Kerkove, Bridgett Kerkove.