Trivia (4)

She studied acting in 1924 by Ritz Basil and got her first engagement in the same year at the Staatstheater München. In the next years she gave guest performances in Darmstadt, at the Kammerspielen Berlin and at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. Later followed engagements in Vienna and Munich.

The actress Franziska Kinz was successful as a singer as well as an actress.

Franziska Kinz was engaged with the politician and opponent of the NS regime Carlo Mierendorff (1897-1943). When he came to the concentration camp in 1933 and later into prison their way became separated and Franziska got married with a regime loyal journalist. Still Franziska Kinz spoke up for Mierendorff's release which became a fact in 1938. Carlo Mierendorff died in a bunker during an air raid in 1943.

She was able to continue her career successfully after the war and experienced especially in the 50's a very busy decade.