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Trivia (11)

Her daughter Lily Richards was born in 1994.

Her father was a violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

She's part Native American on her mother's side.

Due to the fact that her enormous Hunter (1984) co-star Fred Dryer is a foot taller than her, she had to stand on an egg crate while they were in the same shot so that both of them could be seen.

Trained as a Mezzo Soprano with extensive theatre and musical credits. Graduate of The American Acadamy of Dramatic Arts.

Singer/songwriter. First CD "One Dream" comprised mainly of original material. Tours with her one woman cabaret shows in various performance venues across the US. Represented the U.S at the International Music Festival in Queretero Mexico in 2008.

Writing and developing both films and television with notable writer/producers David Chisolm and Chip Hayes.

She has been a guest instructor at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts teaching Master Acting Class.

Was almost cast as Lucy Ewing on Dallas (1978).

Lives in L. A. Acting, writing and performing musically. [January 2001]

Attended Chatsworth High School (Chatsworth, CA).