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  • [on Pawel Pawlikowski] He is a wonderful filmmaker, very focused, very intent on what he wants to achieve. He was also very open to discussion when we first met and decided the details of Wanda as a whole person. I know he did a lot of research for this picture and I had a feeling of a partnership when we worked together - that was very valuable for me.
  • [on playing the role of Wanda in Ida (2013)] When I am approached with any script or proposal I always try analyze my character first as a human being, stripped of historic or political circumstances. In this film it was difficult because it is a very special case that is strongly connected to our country's history. Wanda is a tragic character and different emotions are pulling her apart. I had to accept the fact that there were real women - as in this case - who did evil things, but who could also remain charismatic and very easy to relate to.
  • [on Ida (2013)] The background for this story is very significant, but all in all what we see is this solitude and longing for a human connection. It transcends the fact that the characters are Jewish, that these are the 1960s, and is universal. That is its strength.
  • [on Agata Trzebuchowska] Agata is a very intelligent and emotional young woman, very knowledgeable about art and culture in general. I think this made her extremely curious on set, she really wanted to know what drives the characters to act the way they do. The work was of course different because she didn't have any professional training and I didn't judge her for that. Especially because she is such a fast learner and by the end she had managed to convey great emotion without overplaying anything. When I first saw the completed picture I called her up and said "Agatka, you can't act, but you made a beautiful role!"
  • [on the possibility of an Oscar nomination for Ida (2013)] I do not see myself as a person with hang-ups. I do not need to play in foreign films to prove anything to anyone. My position here is secured and satisfactory. I do not feel any complexes, when thinking of actresses from abroad .
  • [on acting school] I really enjoyed the academy, I worked very hard. Then I became afraid about whether it would all work out. At some point I was even thinking about changing my profession. I thought of becoming a production manager, imagining that perhaps acting wasn't for me, after all.
  • [on stage work] I continue to work in theatre, therefore I have an opportunity to practice my acting skills all the time, and that's extremely important. Actors are just like sportspeople- they should constantly act, seek, and exercise, in order not to be afraid. Upon entering a stage or a film set, one may suddenly become very shy, it can strike as an isolating experience. Privately we tend to be introverted, but performing is an act of courage, it requires one to open up.