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Naturalized U.S. citizen.

Among her many awards: Won a Pulitzer Prize for her production of "Alison's House" by Susan Glaspell; the National Medal of Arts from President Reagan, and the Norwegian Grand Cross for her furthering the presentation of plays by Ibsen.

Received a Special Tony Award in 1964 "celebrating her 50th year as an actress, honored for her work with the National Repertory Theatre.for body of work." She was also nominated as Best Actress (Play) in 1981 for "To Grandmother's House We Go."

She was awarded the American National Medal of the Arts in 1986 by the National Endowment of the Arts in Washington D.C.

Shares some similarities with actress Jessica Tandy. Both were born in England but made their career in U.S. and their first Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category came at the age 82 (but Tandy already have won one in 1990 while Eva was only nominated once).

Never appeared in a film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.