Lemmy Poster

Trivia (19)

Singer and bassist for British Rock band Motörhead.

Former member of British band Hawkwind.

Former roadie for Jimi Hendrix.

Was a huge fan of Janet Jackson, and claimed that a dream of his was to record a song with her.

Father of musician Paul Inder from a previous relationship. He had a son named Sean when he was very young, but he was put up for adoption.

Previous bands: Reverend Black & The Rocking Vicars, Sam Gopal's Dream and Hawkwind.

Only member of Motörhead to appear on every one of the band's albums.

Considered John Entwistle to be the best bass player in rock history.

Lived in Los Angeles.

Hospitalised with a lung infection in December 2000.

His instrument of choice was a Rickenbacker bass, however the logo on it was modified so that it read "Rickenbastard.".

Participated in a rockabilly side project with The Stray Cats' Slim Jim Phantom, appropriately called "The Head Cat".

Treated for a lung infection in September 2015.

His only hit song was "Ace of Spades" in 1980.

Owned a vast collection of Nazi memorabilia.

In later years he suffered from haematoma, hypertension and diabetes. In 2013 he had an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator fitted.

Used a walking stick in later years.

Once claimed he needed between a bottle and a gallon of bourbon a day to function normally.

Smoked 40 cigarettes a day.