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Scream queen.

Adult film actress.

Her father was a police officer in Hawaii. When her family found out she was doing porn with her boyfriend Francois Papillon, they disowned her.

Aspired to hit the pro circuit in tennis but an injury prevented this.

She has a tattoo on her left buttock of a butterfly and one of her own face on her right buttock.

Released a compilation movie called 'Totally Kascha' in 2007.

Graduated from Leileihua High School in Wahiawa, Hawaii in 1984.

Below is information I found on this actress/performer. I do not know how much or if you can incorporate it into her file, but I hope it helps give a more accurate biography. Kascha was born Alison Kainoaani Showe, in Millilani, Hawaii, on 8 December 1967. Contrary to rumors she is not part Swedish or European in any way. She grew up in a conservative middle-class family and graduated from Leileihua High School in 1984. As a teenager she excelled at tennis, and with the encouragement of her parents aspired to turn professional. She moved on to college and studied music, but an injury late in her junior year ended her tennis career before it really began. She was an extremely attractive young woman, and decided to turn to modeling as an alternative. "I liked the people in the modeling business, and I just love being in front of a camera, so I thought I'd try it - and I enjoyed it very much." Mainstream modeling soon turned to nude shoots, and then to simulated sex. It was on one of these shoots that in late 1987 she met her future husband, French-born porn star Francois Papillon. "It was on a [simulated] modeling shoot, for stills. And we were asked to do a [hardcore] video that same day... I was wary... I did hesitate at first. But when I met Francois, he changed my mind about a lot of it. He was very nice... There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do it." According to Kascha, "I love him very much, and I knew it from the first day that we met that we were meant for each other." Under the guidance of Francois she agreed to star in her first hardcore porn film in early 1988, soon after her twentieth birthday. "I had one lover before I met Francois - and I was not experienced at all. I had made love with him twice, and that's it... I didn't know how to give head, I didn't know how to do anything, really, the first time I worked with Francois, and it really showed. But now, I do everything. I've learned. I'm a little more experienced. But it was really funny because the first day that we met I wasn't experienced. I didn't know how to do a lot of things and we did it on camera, on camera for the first time! That's true. I was practically a virgin!" Although her parents had accepted her career as a mainstream model, they were distraught to find their daughter now appearing in porn films. Her father was a police officer, and he reacted by disowning her and cutting her off from the family. Kascha, however, moved on to quickly become one of the top porn stars in the States, starring in over thirty films during the next two years. Kascha and Francois originally decided that although she refused to work with other men on film, he could work with other women. "But he didn't want to, because he thought that it ruined our relationship, and we couldn't be as close... We tried it once, and we didn't like it, so we decided to just work with each other. And it's pure - we keep ourselves for each other, and healthy. That's so important for us because we'd like to have a family one day, you know. And our kids would probably like to see their mother with only one man. We're very happy this way... I want him to be happy - but I'm lucky he doesn't want to work with anyone else." Within a few months of her first porn film, she had at least three breast augmentations in preceding months and surgery on her buttocks and had another tattoo on her other buttock and had her eyes made rounder which led to speculation that she was trying to pass as a Caucasian. Kascha and Francois married shortly thereafter. He continued to guide her career and open her up to new sexual experiences. I love to kiss him. I like everything about sex, I'll do anything, and everything with him! Everything turns me on. I love being kissed, being touched, played with, all of that. Like, if we're watching TV and all of a sudden he'll go down on me, or we're by the pool. Spontaneous, yeah I like spontaneity... I like when he drives me. Apart from porn films, Kascha also starred in a number of B rate movies, such as 'Nuke 'Em High', using the pseudonym Allison LePriol. Director Eric Louzil recalled meeting her for the first time. "Kascha was hot... The first time I interviewed Kascha, we had a ground floor office with street parking. The first time she walked from the car to the front door, you'd hear nothing but cars screeching and coming to a halt. She was drop-dead gorgeous. She had a body that was unbelievable... She was the most down to Earth girl you've ever met. She was friendly. She offered to baby sit my kids. She was really normal... She just wanted to be a legit actress. She was a hot number then... She was so cute!" "I hired three porno actresses for the 'Nuke 'Em High' film... It was funny. All the so-called straight girls on the film would party all night long and sleep with everybody. And the porno chicks, including Kascha, went to bed early, read books, and were the only ones to have breakfast with me in the morning and were ready to go to work. Because they were so straight! Porno for them was just a business. And the normal girls were all screwing around all night." Kascha's career in straight films never took off. She may have been stunningly beautiful, but even by porn standards she was a terrible actress. Her lines were often reduced to the bare minimum, and she usually spent her time posing, pouting and looking sexy in front of the camera - something she was very good at! Furthermore, despite being willing to do facial come-shots or have anal sex on film, she always came across as uninvolved and distant. By 1990 Kascha had enhanced her breasts again and had more eye surgery, making them rounder. She also began touring the United States and Canada as a stripper. Her marriage with Papillon then disintegrated, and by the end of the year she had retired from porn films altogether. In 1993 she enhanced her breasts even further and signed a contract with Cinderella to make two films: 'The Beautiful Blonde' and 'Hot Property'. However, she insisted that her sex scenes in both movies had to be simulated. This, along with her physical appearance - she had put on weight, and the enormous size of her breasts on her petite frame made her look like a circus freak and that meant that her comeback was not a success story. Previously her films, such as the 'Hawaii Vice' or 'Backdoor To Hollywood' series' had been mediocre at best; cheaply made, with poor production values and bad acting. Her beauty always made them popular though. Following her operations this was no longer the case. Although she continued stripping for a while, her reputation for being difficult meant that offers for work began to become fewer and fewer. By 1994, Kascha, possibly the most popular and most photographed US porn star of 1988-1989 simply faded from public view.