Rob Liefeld Poster


Rob Liefeld was born in the 1960s. From an early age finding a love for drawing, he soon found himself filling tests less and less with meaningful facts and more and more with doodles of superheroes. He knew he wanted to get into comics. Later on, during 1980's, his father became ill and he found himself with a new reason to get into comics: To support his family. At a comics convention, he showed his work to both DC and Marvel and found himself work on both The New Mutants and Hawk and Dove. After pumping new life into the New Mutants, the title was revamped was X-Force (joining the growing line of X titles that fill the comic book shops). Soon after seeing that creations of his own, such as Cable and Deadpool, were generating tons of money ), him and several fellow artists went off and founded Image Comics (via a distribution deal with Malibu Comics, founded by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg), a creator-owned venture into comics. With artwork that pushed the envelope, Rob and his fellow artists found themselves reaching superstar status. After years of working together at Image, Rob quit/Image fired him and he went off with Joseph Loeb III (writer of Commando and producer of Firestorm) and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (developer of Men In Black, CEO Platinum Studios, 14 time New York Times Bestseller creator ) and founded Awesome Entertainment (now Awesome Comics). Now an independent success, Liefeld has several films in the works through his company: Avengelyne, Badrock, Prophet, and The Mark.