Moira Lister Poster

Trivia (9)

In the 1940s, she was a friend of sadistic murderer, Neville Heath. However, she didn't know his real name. She was invited out to dinner by him a week after he had brutally murdered another woman. He walked her home, kissing her goodnight. Weeks later he murdered another woman. He was eventually caught and hanged in England in 1946. Lister believed her blonde hair saved her life as both of Heath's victims were dark-haired.

Her distinctive, husky voice made her a favorite for radio drama.

Debut on stage, aged six, with the University Players of Johannesburg in 'The Vikings of Helgeland'. Acted on the London stage from the age of fourteen.

In The Avengers (1961), she is beaten by Diana Rigg in the final fight.

Tested for the part of the Duchess of Richmond in Waterloo (1970) but the part went to Virginia McKenna.

She was scheduled to play Mrs King as a child in a film titled Mr and Mrs KIng but it was cancelled the day after King Edward VIII abdicated.

She was born on an ostrich farm.

Her husband was the head of a French champagne firm.

Belonged to the British Catholic Stage Guild.