Ron Livingston Poster

Trivia (10)

Is a native of Marion, Iowa, USA. Graduated from Marion High School.

Was engaged to actress Lisa Sheridan [2001].

Attended Yale University with Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti.

Older brother of actor John Livingston, Jennifer Livingston and Nick Livingston.

Mother is a Lutheran minister, father is an aerospace engineer.

Got his start in Chicago, where one of the theatres he performed at was the Goodman Theatre.

His feature film debut was Straight Talk (1992).

Brother-in-law of Jenni Blong.

Father of Gracie James Livingston (b. April 29, 2013) & Esperanza Mae Livingston (b. December 2015), both adopted with wife Rosemarie DeWitt.

Not only did he attend Yale with Paul Giamatti their birthdays are exactly one day apart.