Trivia (3)

Father of editor Tony Lombardo

Landed the enviable role of cutter on Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch (1969) after Sam had seen his groundbreaking technique in The Felony Squad: My Mommy Got Lost (1967), an episode of the 1960s TV series "Felony Squad" directed by George McCowan. Lombardo had taken footage of villain Joe Don Baker being gunned down by police, printed each frame of Baker's fall to the ground three times on an optical printer, and intercut this footage with shots of cops shooting and running for cover in real time. Peckinpah was so spellbound by this sequence, he hired Lombardo right away.

Began as Robert Altman's cameraman working on training films for the Calvin Company. He then joined Republic as a camera man in 1956. He subsequently absolved an eight-year apprenticeship as an editor at Revue Studios. Lombardo eventually went on to edit five films for Robert Altman, including the excellent McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971).