Justin Long entered the Adult Industry in mid 97'. He was talent for the world famous Agent/Owner Jim South of World modeling. Justin purportedly became at that time "the" fastest growing male adult model in history (up to that time at least) Shooting an astounding 13 films in his first month in the adult industry (and having 15 booked, but 2 movies were canceled).

Justin was subsequently hurt in a motorcycle malfunction very shortly after beginning his career in adult films. He left adult to recover from injuries and did in fact stay in front of the camera somewhat in few and small non speaking rolls in mainstream film.

Between 98' and 2004 Justin did return on occasion to film an adult film here and there, but was not shooting adult for the most part. In mid 2004 Justin Long returned to L.A. to finish college and did start shooting again full time. he quickly rose in the ranks and was an immediate sought after male talent for adult movies ranging from gonzo to features and for such companies as; Playboy, Hustler, Red light District, Adam & Eve, and so on.

Justin semi retired in 09' Sighting fatigue, & industry woes. He did return in early 2010 to shoot many movies in the first quarter including "This Is Not Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX" for Hustler video as a starring roll in the Feature.

Very shortly after the first quarter of 2010 Justin (on a dare rumor has it) Took on the whole of the adult industry in what would be a unprecedented campaign against the status quo of racial discrimination in the adult industry. With an op-ed piece that went viral through the adult industry media (and many mainstream medias), Justin went public with the daily whats-what in the plight of an African American Adult Film Star.

Justin's fight was going to be a huge one and appears to have cost him a fair amount, but he did (and as far as can be told, has) Stuck to his guns. Since his original op-ed piece (which broke every record on a industry favorite blog it would appear threats and PO'd studios, talents & agents can NOT keep Justin Long from working NOR his star from rising.

A porn star favorite overwhelmingly by fans on twitter, Justin Long has not only gained fans and branched out having exploded over 2010-2011 in radio and blog interview after interview. Notably, Justin was featured on, appeared in twitter town halls, was on countless radio shows bi-coastal, and featured in two many blog's to count.

Continuing, in 2011 Justin Long was Inducted into the Porn Star Hall Of Fame by the Urban X Awards and also received the award for best three-way as well. He did however narrowly miss receiving best male performer in 2011. Over his career Justin Long has been nominated for countless AVN's, was a contender for Adultcon Awards, and has even spoke on several occasions for professors @ University of California @ Irvine.

Regardless of his battles regarding race in the industry, it appears Justin Long is not slowing down. He has still continued to shoot for product in 2010 & 2011 and has even moved into music with a supposed rap single to appear sometime in late 2011. Justin has reportedly been shooting mainstream film and appearing in mainstream modeling as well in 2011.

As one of the most down to earth stars known on twitter, commonly responding directly to fans Justin Long has won the hearts and minds of Porn fans as well as most that he has encountered. To this day he continues to work in adult with possible aspirations to possibly run for political office in 2012. He reportedly splits his time between California and Nevada, but has been heard saying many time he is an avid diver.