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Posed nude as Playgirl's Man of the Month for April, 1974.

Avid weightlifter; holds the Guinness world record for oldest person to bench-press over 300 pounds.

Bodybuilding titles: Mr. Indianapolis (1954), Mr. Indiana (1960), Mr. Hercules and the world title of Mr. International Health Physique

Father of actor Peter Lupus III.

Wife Sharon is a fitness consultant. They met in the 1950s when she visited the gym that Peter owned in Indiana. They kept their marriage a secret for a time because of the voluminous fan mail from women he was receiving during his run on Mission: Impossible (1966).

Along with Greg Morris, he is one of only two Mission: Impossible (1966) cast members to stay with the series throughout its entire run.

Holds two world records for lifting a total of 76,280 pounds in 27 minutes, set in 2002 at age 70. He plans on breaking both of his world records again on his birthday in June 2007, at age 75.

He was hired by the US Army to appear in a series of commercials playing the role of Superman with the permission of "Detective Comics" (aka National Periodical Publications, now known as DC Comics). He did so for many months until the Playgirl pictorial was published. He then subsequently was terminated and the Army for many years later did no longer produce recruitment commercials for broadcast television. The Vietnam War was also a too still fresh memory in many Americans' minds. He distanced himself from the magazine since the 1980s and has declined further pictorials in later years.

Best remembered by the public for his starring role as "Willie Armitage" on the TV series Mission: Impossible (1966).

A month after his 75th birthday on July 19, 2007 he broke his own weight-lifting endurance record of 76,280 pounds in 27 minutes that he had set in 2002 at age 70 by lifting 77,560 pounds in 24 minute and 50 seconds.

Is Italian-American. His surname, Lupus, is an ancient Roman family name. From the Latin word "lupus" (later "lupo") which means "wolf".

Census and marriage records show that his father was born in Syria; his mother was from the United States.

Graduated from Butler University, Indianapolis, IN; 1954.

Graduated from Arsenal Technical High School, Indianapolis, IN; 1950.

With his height, bodybuilder physique and handsome good looks, he was a natural for the starring roles in the sword and sandal/mythological muscle man movies. He went to Europe and got the lead roles and top billing, under the name "Rock Stevens," in four such films in the final years (1964-1965) of that genre's popularity.